John Fletcher

Well it's been another year at the library and teen angst is playing a annoying card game with my life. It's also been another year without too many hits to my site and upon looking at my older stories I think I see why, hopefully the stuff I have going up now will attract more people and more comments. I also hope to finish the knighthood story sometime within the reasonable future. During this year I found out something which really helped my writing, I'm actualy alot better at writing stories without conflict in them then I thought I was, 'The American Dream' got me an A* on GCSE so thats pretty good news but please post your own comments on that one. I've started a new Project to write a small novel about the death knight Spacek and his life (well technically speaking his unlife) based on my own world you can see the start of that in 'Twilight of an Age' so please give me lots of feedback and hopefully I will be encouraged enough to keep writing it. If I do finish it (and get it published) I'm considering a trilogy, pretty ambitous for a 15 year old eh? Now then as well as that I'm writing on and off at the moment, planning a few sci-fi stories out as well as continuing 'Threat to the Ancestry' which I am reasonably proud of, again any comments would be great. So all in all life is full and rich and I hope to see more of you in my little corner of the library. Yet another year goes by and I learn to detest and spit on those who invented the GCSE's, damned exams. Anyway got three more stories up, or should do if this ticket goes through properly two of which are the beginnings to new stories. Why? Because I'm too lazy to write the whole thing out now.

Phoenix of the silver skies

Well i have this half elf half phoenix char who i really like so i decided to write about one of his past incarnations...

Concido Angelus

Yes the latin is probably completely wrong in the title so sue me. Start of a Fallen Angel story I'm writing.

The Tunnels

Everybodies favourite (or who I hope will become everybodies favourite) human warrior, Kelik, goes into some dark tunnels to earn some money and kill some monsters. The two monsters he comes across here are my own original creations although I have been told the Cloaked Ripper reminded someone of a Shadow Weaver from some book they read as a me if your a fan of said book I've never read it before in my life. Anyway I might start writing up some of Keliks journal entries, depends if I get bored enough or if I get some positive feedback, enjoy!


What was meant to be the opening of my novel but that was too ambitous, still a fairly good story in itself.

The (mis) adventures of knighthood

When you know youve seen too many knight in shining armor movies... I hope to write more on this soon