John Buurman

I'm John Buurman, 51 years old. I work with computers,synthesizers, samplers harddiskrecording etc. I'm also a great fan of s.f. series like startrek,babylon 5 and other similar stuff. I love to create s.f illustrations (computer).I create tutorials for adobe photoshop and my work is published in PSD MAGAZINE, bialien,the void,dorgon and other magazines. I recently published a comick in the USA, it's called Biosapien part 1also known as BIAlien the comic part 1, story by Vlane Carter, artwork by me.For over 30 years now i'm a martial art teacher and forever a student. I'm a master in the art of Tai-Jitsu, but still learning every day! I love to create 3 D scifi - or fantasy art on computers and studied electronics. I love everything that has something to do with technical stuff, yes i'm a sucker for gadgets :) but that's no crime, is it? I like science, art, science-fiction, martial arts etc. Favourite movies starwars, babylon 5, startrek, stargate etc. Favourite books dinobeach, chaos theory, lionesse etc Favourite music soul. funk, eighties, jazz. fusion