John Morgan

Hi, my name is Liam Morgan and welcome to my gallery! Just about everything I do, I try to aspire, whether it be writing, drawing, martial arts, etc. It is especially in my studies as well, even though I have many years to go before attending college or university to become a bioengineer - my first ultimate goal to look forward to. And if that sounds interesting, I could continue going to cadets every thursday until I'm 18 and head into military engineering at the Royal Military College in Kingston for further enhancement of goals. But who says that the men and women of any armed forces can't have fun? My father introduced me into plastic miniatures at the rather young age of 5 and from that I've diversified between Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Dungeons & Dragons, Halo 2, Rainbow 6 (the original game for PC), Ghost Recon and my collection of books and Japanese memorabilia (especially a 483-page book about the history and traditions of feudal Japan and the Samurai). I have so far read the Inheritance Trilogy, the Serpent's Egg Trilogy, LOTR, Harry Potter, and a few books books by both Jack Higgins and Tom Clancy. I just hope to Leviathan and the Lord that I make it through High School...

Immortal Trinity Chronicles Chapter 14 - Unexpected Fates

This is supposed to be the fourteenth chapter of the Immortal Trinity Chronicles, but I've been having trouble with writing the second chapter because I don't have a clue what it's like through a female perspective which it has to be written in. So, until I get the other 13 Chapters written, this is the next leg of the saga in the making. I've written about my future self to add a better perspective to the story, with a couple of twists that even I was suprised with.

Fate by Misfortune Chapter 1 (Revised)

Because of the inconsistency and lack of detail in the previous incarnation of this story, I'm posting up the newly revised version of it so I can continue on with other stories. This is both Part 1 and Part 2. I hope you enjoy!