Naidisbo Arorua

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Species: Draconis Sapien (Leviathor) Average Height: 9' (Male), 7'9" (Female) Average Weight (on Earth): 210lbs (Male), 175lbs (Female) Star-System of Origin: Harakan-Leviathan system Digits: Four is the most common, but five is not unheard of. Opposability: two opposable thumbs on each hand, on either side of the palm. Abilities: Depending on each individual of this species, many have glands at the back of their mouths which allow them to discharge electricity (like an electric eel or ray), spray highly acidic and corrosive saliva, and/or combine volatile chemicals to create a stream of flame (similar to the function of the glands of a bombarder beetle). a few individuals don't have this type of ability. Intelligence: Similar if not higher than that of a human. Psychology: their society runs on fear, making them one of the most aggressive alien species known to mankind. Preferred Weaponry: Plasma weapons (although they use rail rifles extensively among the sniper cadres.) This is one of the extraterrestrial species you'll read about in the Immortal Trinity Chronicles, along with the Saurians of Staraquoai and the the Falcoryes of Harakan. Their patron god is none other that the Leviathan himself and one particular character among Aquila Chapter, Lindsey Patricks, is their supposed "Messiah" and is able to take both human and leviathor form, not to mention that of the Leviathan. This is her lover and future mate Naidisbo Arorua, a tnaegres (Sergeant in draconic tongue) among the Planetary Defence Force. His combat prowess in various skirishes agianst their rivals, the Falcoryes, has earned him great respect among even the junior officers and a few senior officers to whom he serves. Here he is in a rogue human installation built in the Laitselec Mountains in the southern hemisphere of his homeworld, coming very close to the heavily guarded cold fusion reactor which he has to destroy. His armour is a high-grade trauma plate overtop his adamantium-like scales (those on the front of his torso and abdomen are about as strong as three-inch thick steel with a thickness of barely half of a centimetre). No need for the bulky flak armour worn by us humans when you're one of these guys! Notes: The "armour" on his arms and legs are actually close combat weapons; the pieces on his thighs and upper arms are to allow easy flow-off of blood. His earphone has an HUD attachment for "precision work" - otherwise known as being able to place a plasma bolt into an adversary's head at a range of about a couple hundred feet - or to enable infra-red vision where needed. Leviathors don't wear shoes; their digitigrade feet are extremely resistant to piercing objects. The only time they will wear them is in an environment with extreme temperatures or a vacuum. The human scientists refer to this species with the Latin or their name in English; everyone else tends to refer to them as dragon-people or give them rather profane nicknames.

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