John Pettit

I think Monty Python, the movie Labyrinth, and R.A. Salvatore's work inspires me. Fantasy conventions also gets me VERY inspired to write or draw. I usually stick with pen and ink, but for some good artwork, I'll color it in Photoshop. I try to work on details in backgrounds right now. Understanding all the effects of light and shadows, etc. I am trying to get a job after I graduate from college in December in San Francisco with Blizzard, or perhaps at Black Isle. Be sure to check out my stories in Wyvern! Click the link in the box with Instant Messenge programs on the right side of the page.

A Sequel Is Absolutely Absurd

Captain Jester and Gilbert are at it again. This time, they are off to the deepest parts of Africa in search for the Sacred Walrus once again. Can the two absent-minded heroes manage to find and return the walrus (again)?

A Sequel to a Sequel is Absolutely Absurd

Jester and Gilbert team up with a skeleton crew to recapture yet again the Sacred Walrus, this time in the Unites States during the Wild West

Absolutely Absurd

When former farmer turned sea captain, Jester, and his first mate Gilbert return to Queen Isabella of Spain with the famed Sacred Walrus to fulfil their hired assignment, their adventure only begins. These two characters find that their job is truly absolutely absurd.