casandra l.johnsen

hi i am a random person with alot of things on my overcrowded mind . yeah oh well i like writing stories and doodling during science class at the top of my notes. if i had to pick a hero or two or three theyed be edgar allan poe aethelflead of mercia and spongebob. my favorite classess are art and science becauseit usually produces some good sketches. my goal in life is to rule the world but i dont see that happening   I like art, reading writing singing hmmmm i like sitting alone and listening to the voices in my head Favourite movies brothers grimm, harry potter, pirates of the carribean, lord of the rings, bill and teds excellent adventure :) pagemaster and dragonheart Favourite books harry potter, dragonlance the new adventures, the naming ,the riddle ,the land of elyon ,the hobbit, artemis fowl, the fairytales, edger allen poe, the sight, inkheart trillogy, umm yeah lots more i just cant think right now Favourite music good charlotte, superchick, country, classic rock, classical music and weird al yankovik