John McCue

I am from New York state and have been drawing for as long as I can remember, Friends both on and off the net have encouraged me to put my work up on the web. Alot of what I draw has been called 'morbid' by ppl and I have no idea how or why this seems to be the style that I am best at. For the record..I dont worship evil forces of any kind!! i am just a tad messed up :). I have always wanted to get a job involving art in some way, but feel that I still dont have the proper skills. Anyway I hope you enjoy my drawings. Recently opened up a small shop online, if your interested please click the 'Own Gallery' link to have a look around. There will be more items and art here and there once I get a new scanner. Thanks again to you all for the great support and encouragment I`ve recieved over the years. 5/02/06Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all the ppl that have left comments over the years, I havent been able to find time to post replies as much as i`d like to, so I  thought i`d add a general Thanks to everyone that has offered thier comments and advice over the years, I`ve not had as much time to draw as I once did but I hope to get some newer stuff up soon. Thanks again.