Jocelyn Tiedemann

April 9 2005 Oops. I filled up my Fanart page ^_^ I haven't been paying much attention to Elfwood lately (it's a lot of work to get stuff ready to post and what not..) but I come in to fix my password (cuz the server crashed) and I get this GREAT message right in the middle of my main extranet page... 'You have: 26 pictures uploaded. The maximum is 25 Sorry, 26 pictures is a little too much. Due to space limits I kindly ask you to remove some pictures. The maximum number of pictures are 25. How on earth did you manage to break this limit, by the way?' I don't know. ^_^ lol. Funny as all heck, though, dont' you all think? I think this gallery is still exclusively FFVII fanart, and I will be hacking and slashing out at least one of those extra pics... Anyway... Go visit my deviantart page. Since I'm out of space here, the fanart is overflowing... I haven't really done anything too original lately... >.< Tired, yet still creative mind, I guess. ^_^.