Reuth Dekel

Well... I began writing my own stories at the age of 7, my first story was very stupid - A story about the life of the nubmers from 1 to 10... I wrote it to my little sister to help her remember how to count. After this, I became addicted. I published stories on Israely sites, and this is my fisrt try in writing in English.


This story was first based on a chess board, but I don't think something is left in common...


This poem is about a good friend of mine and his encounter with black magick


After the destruction of the Amulet, the Legacy's last offspring, Lee, has no more magic powers. She needs to find a new place in a society of no order.

Once Upon a Time

A short fable I wrote a long time ago. Though it is so short, I think it holds some important conclusions


'If human beings are all monsters, why should I sacrifice anything for them?' Orson Scott Card's Wyrms

The Institute

A futuristic and dark story about life in the 25th century.