Jonas Stenius

Welcome to my corner in FanQuarter!Who am I?I draw every now and then, as a pasttime, but dream about drawing professionally... which I never will because I never practise enough, but I'm happy anyway. ;)I am an educated computer technician and video technichian. I also have skills in game creation and homepagemaking. I play RPG:s, usually as the role of the gamemaster. I'm currently designing my own game, which is quite a challenge in math, art, writing, natural sciences and not least also patience and humility. I'm swedish.Critique my art!Praise will make me float about with a happy smile all day, but I truly grow from constructive criticism. Tell me what you like but don't be afraid to ALSO express suggestions, scepsis and plain dislike! Don't flame those that criticise my art. Hard words make me grow and silly trashtalk makes me laugh (I consider putting the most juvenile samples on my wall ;)). I do not expect everyone to just like whatever I draw. If you are an artist of Elfwood and critique one or more of my pictures I will try to return the favour as far and as soon as I can. I usually comment on technical aspects (drawing-wise and content-wise). If you feel a bit sensitive to "hard critique", you might want to tell me that you only want to hear what I like and not what I dislike, and I really mean that in a GOOD way - we all thrive from different sort of encouragement, and I really don't want to hurt anyones feelings by trying to be helpful in the wrong way. Also, I'm not english. I really want to improve my knowledge in english. Tell me when I write odd things and when I write things wrong. I may even write back to ask for more. Be prepared! ;)Inspiration?Computergames, myths, fairytales, superheroes, science fiction, future fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror and daydreams. I strongly prefer stories with a good ending, so that's what I usually read or watch, though there are exceptions. I currently in a kind of "dark" period though, reading Hellboy, BPRD and Courtney Crumrin. My work on designing my own RPG also calls for some work in the horror department. I'm really bad at creating horror stories, so I need to practice this.Fanart projects: I have recieved lots of suggestions and some really useful critique on my pokémons. Unfortunatly things are kind of lining up in a really long queue with my primary worktime going to the RPG I'm developing. Hopefully there will be updates in the fantasy gallery soon, though.