Jonas Jödicke

Hi, I`m Jonas, a real German, 15 years old and a big fan of Fantasy art, - games, -films, -books, ...I love drawing dragons and fantastic animals and (it`s so annoying!!!) I'm not good at drawing people. I love this page and whenever I look at the pictures of you all, I'm getting inspirated for a new pic, that I can draw. How you still recognized... my English is HORRIBLE !!!!  I like Reading, drawing, playing computer (who dislikes?), watching TV, playing with my little brother, annoying my sisters, writing stories... Favourite movies Lord of the rings (especially the 3rd film, because of the big battle for Minas Thirit), Harry Potter (the 4th and 5th are my favourites), Twilight, The chronicles of Narnia Favourite books The elfs, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Eragon and so on Favourite music pop, hip hop... everything with a good bass