I'm Calijn de Jong. I'm 25 years old and I live in the Netherlands. *** My older work has copyright tags, which I deemed neccesary at the time. My new uploads will not have these tags, but the same principles still apply: If you want to use my artwork, please send me an email to ask for my permission first. If it is meant for any non-commerical purpose, you will probably be granted said permission. Commerical use is up for discussion, just contact me via email. *** Some of the artwork in this gallery is for sale. I also take on commisions and art trades. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. *** Update 12-06-07: Big clean-up. A lot of older work has been removed, what was left has been replaced with better scans. Three new pictures added, a new bio, and a new picture of me. ***Update 09-06-07: I haven't updated my gallery in years, as I've been busy with other stuff. A couple of weeks ago, I started drawing again, and I decided to reopen my EW gallery.*** 'Nuff said; Enjoy the artwork!  I like reading, writing, painting, drawing, watching films, horseriding & tricktraining, D&D, reenactment. Favourite movies - Lord of The Rings - Labyrinth - The Prestige - Narnia - Phantom of the Opera - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel - Lost - Heroes - Twelve Kingdoms-Supernatural-Game of Thrones-The Borgias- Favourite books - Farseer Trilogy/Robin Hobb - Liveship Trilogy / Robin Hobb - Tawny Man Trilogy/ Robin Hobb - Soldier Son Trilogy/Robin Hobb - A Song of Ice and Fire/ George RR Martin - Death Gate Cycle/Weis&Hickman - The Prophet's Rose/ Weis&Hickman - The Picture of Dorian Gray/Oscar Wilde - Lord of the Rings/J.R.R Tolkien - The Narnia Chronicles/ C.S Lewis - American Gods/Neil Gaiman - Discworld novels/Terry Pratchett - Dresden Files/JimButcher -And many, many more. Favourite music - Loreena McKennit - Enya - Snow Patrol - Kamelot - Sonata Arctica - REM - classical music. And loads of other stuff.