Calijn de Jong

Not much to say, really. Let the artwork speak for itself.


A shortstory inspired by medieval werewolf mythology.

The Morrigan

A poem about the Celtic Goddess of War, the Morrigan.

Wild Magic - Prologue

This is the prologue of the high-fantasy story 'Wild Magic'. *** For a description of the world in which the story is set, you can read 'Wild Magic - Prelude'. *** “Wild Magic” is a co-authored project by me and Rick Samual (who is not an EW member). I have his permission to post this story to my EW library. *** In this short prologue you will get a glimpse of the worries that trouble the Wysards and the Petari of Damarre. Future chapters will be more voluminous.

Wild Magic - Prelude

'Wild Magic' is an (eventually) novel-lenght high-fantasy project, by me and Rick Samual (who is not an EW member, but I have his permission to post the story to my EW Library). *** We decided to start the story with this prelude, to be able to tell the readers something about the world and the history of that world, and of the (often strange) peoples that inhabit it. *** I have also uploaded the prologue of 'Wild Magic'. The first chapter will follow soon.