Joni Warden

Hello and WELCOME!!I hope you enjoy viewing my fantasy art! I've only been drawing Fantasy for just a few years, although I haven't been lazy! I am a Northern Plains native, born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!!) I attended all my schooling there and sold some of my artwork there. I did attend a few showings and did have my fine art hung in a Professional Gallery. I now reside in Southern Calfiornia and work in my home. I am currently in College at Mt. San Antonio, in Walnut, CA.What I do: I create illustration designs for 5 writers and sell my designs on products in my own Zazzle Stores!  I do keep busy. I won a Fan Quality award with MediaWest*Con of which I am a member for one of my book cover designs and have had several Honorable Mentions. I am availble to do illustrations for anyone who is interested in my style. Because it's so difficult to committ to purchasing art, I offer a Lay A Way set up for those who fit the necessary profile. :-) Thank you for coming! Joni's other website(s)  I like Reading Fantasy books, Wheel of Time (God rest RJ's Soul) Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks and the likes. Favourite movies (Movies)LoTR, Avatar, Transformer, both, Xmen- all, Airbender,(TV) Supernatural, Smallville, Ghost Hunters, CSI (LV) Meerkat Manor *lol* paranormal state, Most Haunted, True Blood, Favourite books Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Vampire Chronicles. I am also a founding member/Admin of A'vron Ayende, a community based, Wheel of Time site, and a member of Favourite music nearly everything.