Joni Warden

Hello and WELCOME!!I hope you enjoy viewing my fantasy art! I began a strong interest in fantasy interest while reading one of my favorite fantasy series, in 1999. I create art in several genres but seemed to devote more time for fantasy in the last 10 years. I am a Northern Plains native, born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!!) attending Lincoln High School and during that time sold some of my earliest artwork there. I did attend a few showings and did have my fine art hung in a Professional Gallery. I have resided in Southern California since 1999 and work from my home. I graduated from College at Mt. San Antonio, in Walnut, CA.with a GPA of 3.76, with a professional's certification in Art Illustration and Graphic Art. What I do: I create illustration designs, freelance and sell my designs on products in my own Zazzle Stores!  I do keep busy. I won a Fan Quality award with MediaWest*Con of which I am a member for one of my book cover designs and have had several Honorable Mentions. Also garnering a Favorite here at Elfwood. I am available for discussion and to do illustrations freelance. I also do commission art for human and animal portraits. But, because it's so difficult to commit making an art purchase, I offer a payment plan up for those who fit the necessary profile. :-) Thank you for coming! Joni's other website(s) & I like Reading Fantasy books, Wheel of Time (God rest RJ's Soul) Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks and the likes. Favourite movies (Movies)LoTR, fantasy, Scifi and science related genre (TV) Supernatural, Smallville, Ghost Hunters, CSI (LV) Animal Planet shows, and I have huge interests in the paranormal. Favourite books Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Vampire Chronicles. I am also a founding member/Admin of A'vron Ayende, a community based, Wheel of Time site, and a member of Favourite music so much to list I'll just say mostly everything pre- 2005 and some after 2005. I began to narrow my choices and likes as I matured. *lol*