Jon Schweer

Another little update in my little neck of the woods. My birthday is still September 3, 1981, now just a little over 25 years. I've been to about seven different countries in my short life, although I now reside in Mississauga, Ontario, in Canada. One of the best countries I have found being in. And there is a list of stories I could tell you. Yes, I do like looking up stuff. My particular fancies are cats and the world of Ancient Egypt. With cats, I have this desire to find out things about them since I went to see the musical CATS back in '97. I can at the very lest point you in the right direction if you have any questions on them. With Ancient Egypt, I've liked it for most of my life. The mythology is fantastic, but I only know a fraction of it, so I won't be answering any major thesis-questions any time soon. If anyone wants to know more about me, just write me. And if you have any questions, try to keep the serious. I get all sorts air-headed of questions and I am beginning to tire of them. Right now I would like to thank time to say thank you to a bunch of people that have helped me in one way or another. I do hope that you enjoy what I have written and posted. So please stay a while, enjoy yourself and tell me what you think. I am willing to do commissions for anyone who asks. But they aren't free. If you would like me to write something for you, give me an e-mail and we will work something out.


A man befirends a tiger in the wild.


I wish to dedicate this stroy to a very special person who was an overwhelming help on this project I undertook. I want to dedicate this to Sylvia Baker for being such a great, and overwhelming help and inspiration in making this story. Thank you greatly, M'lady.


This is my own spin on the seemingly all too common creation myth. It was a beginning draft for a school assignment. I liked the way it turned out.


A poetic compliment to the story of the white tiger. This is has actually been published in a book of anthologies.


I would like to dedicate this poem to a good frined of mine who has done a lot for me, and which I really I apreciate. Thank you Chirstine.

The Caring Stepmother

I think this calssifies as Fantasy. I took the basic Cinderlla story and put her into a bit of a new light. Hope you like it.


A man befriends a woman who goes missing the following day. He finds her and both get transformed into mutants by a Mireau like scientist.


Genetic mutations are done on test subjects by scietists. This is the journal of one of those scientists, the only record left.


This is a little technopunk thing I managed to do. Its my first real exploration into this area.


A woman becomes an angelic creature. I would like to dedicate tish to a lady friend of mine, Diane.