Jonathon Parker

I am Jon Parker, 17, a child at heart and happy in life because of it. I like anime--current favorite: Serial Experiments Lain!--RPG and survival horror video games, comics, and other such things. My ideas come as they please, and sometimes take a long vacation from my brain. My characters are very human, as human as people you meet everyday, and they typically fall from Earth to other worlds. I write fantasy/sci-fi novels, mainly, with elements of adventure and romance (so everyone's happy ^_^). While quite long, no one will be disappointed. I also write some short stories and poems, which are also pretty good. Poems are marked with (p), short stories with (sh), side stories with (ss) (most require almost no foreknowledge), and novels are blank. Speaking of which, let's talk about those I'm allowed to put up here. Endless Dance--My second novel! And this one's good! ^_^ A sci-fi/fantasy story of fate and circumstance, love and heartbreak, and endless war. Current upload status: five chapters! Lack Of Dreaming--My first horror novel! I'm lovin' it! It's a pyschological mystery thriller; don't take it lightly, since it can get pretty freakish. Expect to be hooked (just like my mom ^_^)! Current upload status: Days One, Two, and part of Three! Sunrise--A series of not-so-short stories taking place within the city of Sunrise. It's the near-future, and something has happened beneath the streets. Now, terrible monsters have appeared throughout the city, and ten survirors vie to live and complete their missions. These stories take place before and during the last night of Sunrise, and are about life, love, and acceptence. The current recommended order to read the parts is: 1) Dreaming of You--James Blair 2) Piano--Nina Danes 5) Fatal Mistake--Richard Wyse 7) Once In A Lifetime--Nick Hunter 8) Synesthesia--Andrea Valentine Thank you, everyone that comes to read, and extra thanks to everyone that leaves comments and criticism, even the random people! Read these people's stuff, too! Lenore Towne writes really good stuff, and she's working on two book ideas now. We often help each other out with stories and life in general. Go read her stuff (and check out her art!); reviews make her happy. ^_^ Charles 'Xavier' Timm has a series of short stories going called I Have Fallen From Grace, and they're pretty good. Go read his stuff; just don't mind his dancing personalities. ^_^ Their links are all over, and so are those to other extremely talented writers. Go look at all of them! Newest stuff: Sunrise: Dreaming Of You (revised), Piano, & Fatal Mistake.

My Last Escape (sh)

My first good short story! A frightning look into the mind of a tortured woman.

True Memory (p)

An introspective of Tempest, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.

I Can't Give Up (p)

An introspective of Daria, a character from Falling Through Reality, a novel-in-progress of mine.

Falling Darkness (ss)

An all-out action story from the perspective of a Traveler, part of my Starlight Destiny series, which means he falls between different worlds. Here, he fights his inner demons to save himself.

Lack Of Dreaming 1

My latest book project! It's kinda like a cross between Twin Peaks and Silent Hill. Our hero (maybe) is trapped in the town of Transent, and he seems to be the only one that sees the lack of reality around him. Will he learn the truth and reclaim his complete memory? This is Day One.

Sunrise: Once In A Lifetime

Nick Hunter comes to Sunrise seeking his past, but he soon meets someone even more terrifying than the monsters, a woman desiring revenge on him and the humans, all while she descends into madness.

Seeking Angels (sh)

A story about avoiding and seeking destinies. Angels are a perk. I'm not sure if I like this new version, but we'll let the people decide.

A Tear in the Sea of Stars (p)

Another love poem. These things just come out of nowhere...

White Feather (sh)

A man griefs for the loss of his girlfriend, remembering special moments and finally seeing her angel. It recently won third place in the Dist. 300 Writing Contest for me! Yeah! ^_^

Mistress of the Stars (p)

An introspective of Alison, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.

Sunrise: Piano

Nina Danes struggles with an alcohol problem, keeping her daughter, and confusing emotions towards her best friend. When Sunrise becomes madness, she must fight to save herself and her daughter.

Lack Of Dreaming 3

Richard awakens in Transent. What is his connection with Brian, and how did he arrive here? So far, the first few hours of Day Three.

Endless Dance 1-1

Endless Dance: A fantastic story recording ten years, yet spans infinity. A story of love, light and dark powers, & seeking and avoiding destinies... The first two chapters of my second novel, one that no one will be disappointed with. This is the start of the first rhapsody, Lost Paths.

Falling Star (p)

An introspective of Alex, the main character of Endless Dance, my novel.

Mirror (sh)

A lost, unique android tries to cope with her lack of identity and purpose, along with these strange things called emotions that seem to be inside her, while making critical evaluations of humanity around her.

The Knife Blade (ss)

Rebecca analyzes her life and why she continues to live. If you read all of Endless Dance (all six rhapsodies), you'd understand completely, but since you have to wait 'til it's published, you'll just have to bear with me. It's still good!

Sunrise: Fatal Mistake

Deep beneath Sunrise, Richard Wyse unwillingly works on inhuman projects for Starsen Corporation. In his attempt to implicate the company, a powerful being chooses to manipulate him.

Set Me Free (p)

Chosen by fate to continue her family heritage as the future ruler of Kasia, the magical, floating continent of the Amorings, an angelic race of people, Asra Scyller, an eventual friend of Daria, writes of her feelings of wishing to live her own life. An introspective of her from Starlight Destiny, my novel-in-progress.

Endless Dance 1-3

Sara befriends a new character, a little girl who may very well play a part in the fate of the universe. Chapter 5 of part one.

Through My Shattered Gaze (ss)

Alex analyzes his life and the choices, if not mistakes, he made. I really like this one, and it's much easier to understand without previous knowledge, than 'The Knife Blade.'

Sunrise: Dreaming Of You

James Blair arrives in Sunrise to meet his girlfriend, only to end up on the run from terrible monsters. Now he must search through the city to find her, while trying to save the last survivors.

My Own Battle (p)

An introspective of Crystal, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.

Sunrise: Synesthesia

Andrea Valentine is just an average girl trying to confess her feelings to the boy of her dreams. Unfortunately, strange visions keep passing through her mind, and her city of Sunrise soon becomes filled with madness. Lenore takes some credit for being a big help with this one. ^_^

Lack Of Dreaming 2

Brian begins to explore more of Transent, and the secrets he'll start to uncover will only tear more at his sanity and lack of identity. This is Day Two.

Tracing Pathways (ss)

A man seeks to find his wife in the town of Transent. Unfortunately, she's been dead for three years, and Transent isn't exactly the nicest place to be. Side story of Lack Of Dreaming.

One Last Thing To Say (sh)

Once life has escaped us, we always wish for more than we had. A short story from the perspective of a teen who just died in an accident.

Endless Dance 1-2

Conflicts arise, and our characters are cast into danger. And who are these strange, new people? At last, the name of the enemy is revealed. Chapter 3 and 4 of Endless Dance.

Angel Feather (p)

Just an ordinary ol' poem. Many people seem to like it, though. ^_^

All or None (p)

The result of a despondant mood. A better poem than most of mine.

Ever Always (p)

A poem of new and jaded love. A nice poem.

Knight (p)

Another poem, another work from the corners of my mind.

Metal Shell (p)

Android angst. Side poem to my short story, Mirror.

Phoenix Flame (p)

An introspective of Karin, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.

Gone (p)

A poem that just kinda popped up.

Song of Myself (p)

An introspective of Rebecca, a character in Endless Dance, my novel... sorta. It wasn't intended that way, and you probably won't notice, but there are several little hints inside that prove it was written by her. Spooky...