Andrew Jordan

Well, the bio was a little dull so I decided to update it and maybe improve it - though I am still no good at writting bio's. Anyway, I will break this into sections so that you can quickly jump to anything that you want to read, and bypass anything that you don't. Education: I graduated High School in 1986. Went to college for a few years as a graphic design major. I didn't like college very much (and it's hard to work full time and go to school full time). I then worked construction for a few years (while going to school at night for Instrumentation). I finally got promoted to a computer programmer - everyone liked my doodles and decided that having someone who can draw would enhance the software. Anyway, the last little bit I did was a male order diploma as a Visual Basic Programmer. Family: I have a wife, two twin girls who are 9, and a little version of myself (except it's a girl also) who is 4. Even the family pets are girls (except perhaps my iguana who could very well be a boy if I knew what to look for).:) Hobbies: Drawing, painting, reading, Dungeons and Dragons, and messing around on the computer. Insparation: I began my love of fantasy from reading The Hobbit. I began my love of drawing fantasy after seeing the works of the Hildebrant brothers in The Sword of Shannara. Next I moved on to Micheal Whealan, Boris, and Frazzeta. The only problem is that my color work has quite a lot of room for improvement. Oddly enough though, I think my favorite artist for inspiration is Norman Rockwell. He not only paints beautiful pictures, but each one has a story behind it that you can easily see in the picture. Well, I hope that my bio didn't bore you to tears. Thanks for visiting my Gallery.