jorge torres

Hi all of you! my name is Jorge, I want to show to all of you  my art, I want to  know what you think about my work and learn all I can from  your opinions. I like I like, draw & paint, read comics, books and watch lots of movies. Favourite movies Mmh, Conan the Barbarian( the first one), Dune (the David Lynch movie), Flash Gordon(the 80's movie) Back to the Future(three parts) Star Trek (Movies, Kirk's episodes),Dark Cristal, The never Ending Story (Yeah!), Krull, Dungeons and Dragons (the Cartoons), The Lord of the Rings( three movies).Alien (1,2,3), Blade Runner. And a lot more... Favourite books Dune, Lord of the Rings, Ubik, Farenheit 451, 1984, The Caves of Steel, Howard's Conan, The Perfect Day,A Clockwork Orange, The Anubis Gates,The Second Foundation, Radio free Albemuth, A Case of Conscience. Favourite music I don't have favorite music, but Pink Floyd and Radio Head really impressed me. Also the sound of Coldplay and Keane