Mika Joronen

Maybe I should put a real bio in here. I am a student and a hopeful professional graphic designer/illustrator/anything but coffee pourer. I've made a personal commitment to give up caffeine and I must be having withdrawal. I keep thinking i'm a hummingbird of some sort. I'm a vegetarian but I don't care if anyone else eats meat, I just can't digest it properly. I stare at a screen for a job and a hobby, so I relish every opportunity I get to be outside. Hockey is a passion of mine, which i'm certain has something to do with my being Finnish and Canadian. Just a hunch. I like electronic, classical, industrial and new age music, and any such combination of the genres. I also enjoy 80's pop music. The 80's was an underrated decade. I like RPG's, specifically Planescape and Rifts. I've played Planescape: Torment 4 times, it's too bad the setting is pretty much dead. I like far too many artists to list here, but most of them do fantasy or sci-fi or both. I am one of the biggest fans of the Simpsons, and to a lesser extent, Family Guy and Futurama. I also love the Tick. My favourite author is Orson Scott Card, his books leave you satisfied but hungry for more. My favourite movie is Spaceballs. I have a picture of Conan O'Brien on my wall. In conclusion, i'm a geek.