Nathan Pont

Once again the face of my work is changing (jeez I’ve come a long way!). Dalorend still needs to be posted but with the new restrictions on posting that'll have to wait until I have 20 Pics worthy of this site. Sarrius has come out of the mists once more, with a new oriental flavour. His foray into rokugan has seriously changed his outlook on life.  what i said before about Rosie Hellson suiciding was really just an idea at the time. she is alive and well, although she came close to going over the edge. they now have a son of 14, Aeschylus, and a daughter of 6 Lily. they host a majority of our (kates and my) characters in the manor house that rosie inherited from her great grandmother Alira, a vampiress. the antics they all get up to are too broad to state here, but i can give you a list of names and what they do. The MenKenali - human captain of the guard, married to Tia, a hobgoblin. has twin son and daughter, james and laura.Garutan - Lupin (wolf-man) ranger, lover of Delta. mentor to Aeschylus.Sarrius Hellson - sorceror of the free city academy, headmaster of draconian sciences and time theories, husband of Rosie, father of Aeschylus and Lily.Theldrick - ex-Hextorian priest. rogue and scoundrel, lover of Sillia.Allustan - mage and golem builder, husband of Jilly.Taeros - valiant fighter who specialises in a strange pike-and-shield style of fighting. husband of RavenAlerak - thief and knife fighter. bound himself to the power of the wormgod Kyuss. Ironically the lover of Kaylie, a Pelorite.The WomenTia - hobgoblin, wife of kenali and mother of twins. used to work as an ambassador for the Baron of Brindinford.Rosie - wife of Sarrius, matron of the family and manor. has distant traces of a vampiric bloodline. mistress of her own thieves guild.Delta - tiefling sorceror with access to dark magic, teacher at the academy. daughter of a half-succubus. lover of Garutan.Sillia - exotic dancer, cutpurse, ex-pirate. lover of Theldrick.Jilly - a transformed pseudragon, now a half-dragon nymph. wife of Allustan.Raven - daughter of Allustan, wife of Taeros. wizard who followed in her fathers footsteps (reluctantly). Jilly is her step-mother.Kaylie - Pelorian cleric, lover of Alerak, has taken a vow to destroy Kyuss so the world will be rid of his blight. has a radiant dragon companion.Alira - Vampiress and great grandmother of Rosie. she "loves" everyone, or at least would like to.The DragonsLohex - red dragon, Delta's familiar. mated to Kortha.Kortha - transformed pseudo dragon, now a red dragon. used to annoy Kenali aa LOT. "mister Nali!"Gale - pseudodragon. newest memebr to the group. companion of theldrick.Verllum - pseudodragon, Lily Hellson's pet.Eysta - radiant dragon, companion of kaylie. hails from the plane of light.Sssth'laarsh - naga that lives in the cellar, hunts the giant vermin that invade from the sewers.Dart - sarrius' pint sized black owl familiar.Carmendie - raven's bat familiar. also known as mango bat. incredibly lazy.ok. this time im serious. last year i promised more work and now im ready to present it. within the week some more pics will be posted, some from fantasy cor'in'tal others from more sci fi style.