Jostein Abrahamsen

G'day all....I might as well introduce myself, I'm Jostein Abrahamsen (ok, so it says that at the top of the page. I like rebundacy ok?) and I'm a 19 year old boy from Skien, Norway. I write mostly fantasy stories, and more recently dark fantasy (ala vampire the masquerade). Well, I say write, although that's not entirely true. I try to write, but something always stops me...No deadlines is a bad thing methinks. Now, a bit about my interests. I'm interested in fantasy (ok, obvious one), but I don't hold one specific world close to my heart (don't get me started on Tolkien vs Jordan), although I have some I just don't like. I'm also interested in martial arts and computers. I'm a student of network computing and I deliver pizzas to get money...and blablabla, mail me if really want to know more. Oh, and please comment on my works, only way I might get a story finished is to get feedback, or a of two.

A letter from a Battle

A young man sends a letter to his younger brother from a battle. This is a story I wrote about 3-4 years ago, as an assignemt. I hope I've progressed since then...

A letter from a camp

A young man send a letter to his younger brother from an armys campsite