Joshua Emig

Ha! Take that! Get out you varmints! Sorry about that, darn elfwood squirrels. You leave for a few months and they just kind of move in and take over. But where is my hospitality, come on in and have a seat, and a sword in case they come back. I’ll see if I can’t fill you in while I clean up my library. My esteemed regular visitors may have noticed a more pronounced than usual lull in my writing. This is because I was off training to join the elfwood aerial force. Well I’m back now and a proud member of the force but my training isn’t quite complete. I’m not a jedi yet! Whoa think I channeled something there. So the lull must continue for a short while longer. Rest assured however that I have not been completely idle in my travels. My beautiful wife, Amanda and I have just celebrated our third anniversary and I do have a new Cobalt nearly ready for the library in which Cobalt renews his hunt for his father and gains an unlikely ally. I like Writing, leathercrafting, reading, video games, Kali Arnis Escrima Favourite books The Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, Terry Patchett books, Dinotopia, A Spell for Chameleon Favourite music Gaelic Storm, Nightwish, The McKinney Washtub Two, Credence Clearwater Revival

Cobalt: Innocence Lost

This is the third chapter in the Cobalt series. In this chapter Gemgira discovers a horrible secret and Cobalt confronts a rogue blue.

Cobalt: First Flight

This is the fifth installment in the Cobalt series. In this one Cobalt reminisces with Kira about his first flight.

Knight's Logic

As some of you out there may know, one of my favorite games is chess. Well I was trying to go to sleep one night when I realized that the chess knight has his own very unique sense of logic. So I was moved to stay up despite the hour and finish a poem about Knight's Logic

The Story

This is a poem I wrote early on. It seemed to be real popular so I'm putting it up here on Elfwood.

Cobalt: Sins of the Father

Well it's finally here! This is the sequel to Cobalt. In this Cobalt meets his father and learns the horrible secret of his parents. Also many probably think Cobalt was based in medeival times but it actually isn't. For further clarification see 'The Cataclysm'.

Day of the Dog

This is kind of a what if story. I wrote it mostly to experiment with how another creature would describe humans if they thought they were dangerous. It's one of my early works so don't be too harsh.

Cobalt: Soul of a Swordsman

In this, the fifth installment in the Cobalt series, Cobalt leaves his newly adopted human family and gains an unusual ally.

B-Movie Survival Guide

It turns out that I'm fairly good at predicting how a B-movie goes. So I thought I'd pass on my wisdom to help anyone out there not born with the innate gift to potentialy survive a B-movie. Anyway it adds a little humor to my humble Elfwood home so enjoy.

Crystal Dragons

This is a poem I wrote. It came to me one day when I was supposed to be doing something else, apparently I'm only inspired to do poems at the most innoportune times.


This is a short story I wrote about a dragon named Cobalt. He is a half breed and hated by all. It came out pretty good. Hope you enjoy it.

The Cataclysm

This is the story that inspired, in part, both my book and Cobalt. It is an earlier work so probably isn't up to the same level as its children Cobalt and Magic Unleashed

A Dream of Death

This is a poem I wrote after a rather disturbing dream I had. This is the first time anyone has ever seen it.

Hero Quest: Impatient

This is one that's been sitting on the back burner for a while. But it's finally written and ready for my home in Elfwood. Hope you enjoy it.

Cobalt: Blood Bound

This is the fourth installment in the Cobalt series. In this chapter Cobalt tries to help someone in need with some surprising results.