Joshua Dunlop

 Hey. My name is Joshua Dunlop. Im 21 and i study Acting at Themes Valley University in Kingston London. Alot of people think its funny that i study acting and not art but the truth is i love both. Acting however was the subject I scored highest in in my GCSE's so i ended up going in that direction. Anything creative i enjoy, from writing, Acting, drawing or painting, anything That allows my imagination to flow.  I am planning on studying Art after my degree (i know, two degrees! Ill be in sooo much debt) but i think both in some ways benefit each other. Acting gives you confidence, allows to to work with and present to all sorts of people and allows you to look in depth at characters, writing and story. While art allows me to experiment and create new characters and worlds on paper and digitally. Each will bring me new and exciting experiences and willbenefit each other  End of the day, im a big kid. I love cartoons and games. The only thing is i find some cartoons limiting and love to come up with new and exciting ways of exploring them in a new light, like what im doing with the first gen pokemon, in a style i call: Pocket Monsters evolution. Or pokemon evo for short  I love the idea of being a concept artist for game and film, i worked with some guys who used my pokemon art for a game called Pokemon Source, for the Source engine. Sadly it went bust but im always on the look out for new projects and oppertunities on the horizon. I not only draw but i write aswell, and was one of the head story writers for the pokemon Source game. I rarely upload my written work as its harder to copywright an idea, than an image. I have many ideas for TV series (mainly cartoon based), Games (multiplayer) and Film/TV series) but much i keep locked away, just incase. Since i have been on Deviant art i have met and talked to so many wonderful people from all over the globe, and their advice and curiosity pushes me forward. I make it one of my priorities to write back to any questions or comments people make on this website, though i dont write back to any favorites I do thank everyone who has ever Fav'd my work, if i did id be here for days lol. I just want to say a big thank you for everyone who has supported my work and hope i make many more new fans and friends in the future. And finally a big thank you to my friends and family who are always so supportive. (lol god it sounds like an oscars acceptance speech... ill shut up now) Thanks, Josh x p.s nemmy is the greatest i love her !!! Donations: As some of you know i am trying to save up money to get a draft copy of my 'okemon Guide Book: Kanto' done and printed, which may have to be split into 3 books. I am a student and neither my family or myself can afford it all. If you wish to make a small donation towards this then i would be so appreciative. Anyone who donates (and proves it) ill draw a personal sketch for of whatever they like (within reason). Here is the  Alsi if you guys have facebook and like my work you can now add yourself as a fan on my fanbase and discuss my work and the pokemon book online  Thank you very much  I like see above Favourite movies AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER!!! Jurassic park, Dinotopia, Stargate, dark angel, 4400, heroes, lost.... theres more but i cant be bother right now Favourite books Dinotopia, Jurassic Park, Katturan Odyssey, Robota... lots really Favourite music I have a VERY eclectic taste, i use different music for when im drawing