Since one can see by my writing, I am belgian (and proud to be belgian, NOT flemish). For now i do not have much to say... only that i love music, art, writing and other forms of creativity. My (trademark) drawings have the ability to get ruined by the scanner. most of my stories get lost before i get to publish them and if i would find a song, i'd forget it instantly... so anything you find of me, are the brave pieces who survived...

Departing souls

a little sory of a warrior who leaves for a war, hoping that his love should never have to see the pain of death knowing that he probably won't come back, they say farewell in the way there soul tells them

magic of the next dawn

this is my faith my way of life the way i believe it should have been

The time of war

This story is about the end of wars I wrote it in my own selfmade language, the translation is there also. And please tell meif you like it, it has a pretty deep meaning.

Requiem of the western sky

It's the lamentation of a poet who lost his love and this is a way for him to talk with his departed love