Eternal Weirdness of the Fractured Mind. Josephine Rosén... Who is she? Sijstr Paradoxis... A social hermit, a living paradox. A weird and warped teenager with major reality related issues... She's a true cynic and really believes that this is a screwed up world. Solution? Creates her own worlds and stays there.... perhaps a bit too much. She's stuck in fantasy and everything unreal and surreal and in a kinda schizophrenic way she believes she's really a dragon.... Deep down. (I girl can dream, can't she?) Hm. Weird ideas these.... This girl dabbles with art and scribbles down her thoughts and messed up ideas to keep from insanity. But on the other hand, don't we all do that? Also writes a lot of rpg-related stuff. Living a temporary life as a 'professional slacker', which pays no good. In fact, it doesn't pay at all... But, taking some courses now, so I can justify my rather slacker-ish existance... And another update! More tidying going on (as always), as well as ongoing updates of older pics information... Hm, don't do much drawing lately though.. Blame Wolrd of Warcraft for that.... Bwaa, bwaa. Woooey. Or something. As said before, W-e-i-r-d. (All my friends says I'm not as I'm supposed to be, what can they possibly mean?)