Journey Smothers

 I love fantasy and manga and anime. I can draw amazingly and write wonderfully. I love creating new species of animals, and I LOVE just daydreaming. I love nature. It makes me happy! I like Sup, my name is Journey! I'll pretty much read anything that comes into my grasp, draw anything anytime a pencil slips into my hand, and dream anything. . . Well, anytime! I love reading. It's my life. I also love drawing. But most of all, I love peace. It's quiet and soothing.drawing, nature, writing, ect.,I am a funny person. I like to draw. I like to read. I love animals, and nature. I'm good at piano. Some day I'll be an author and an artist. I wish i could fly. I'm passionate and loving. I have many friends and love imagining. I can draw anything and write everything. I love God, and the Bible. Me and my friend are writing a book. It's about kids with wings. I love peace. I can draw amazingly and can write wonderfully. I hate war. Jealousy is a curse. God DIED for us; Why not LIVE for him? Favourite movies avatar (the movie) Favourite books The Holy Bible, The Mortal Instruments, Spell Fall, Leven Thumps, Twilight, 100 Cupboards, Tithe, Deltora, Animorphs, Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, The Books Of Ember, Where the Red Fern Grows, 13 reasons why, fang, eragon. I apprecieate any good book, really, and sometimes the not-so-great ones, but every book has a story, and I'm always willing to read them and learn. I think books are God's way of saying "You've done a good job; Heres your reward; A way to mentally escape earth," ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Favourite music Fireflys (THE BEST!) Owl City, Ship up to Boston, Cage the Elephant, Jewel, Bruce Hornsby, Jim Brickman, !!! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME !!! Ain't no rest for the wicked!,

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