John-Wesley Slaughter

'Welcome to my section of the woods,' a soft voice speaks from the shadows. A relatively young elf dressed in green robes steps forward in your direction, wizard by the looks of him, and bows deeply. His black hair and green eyes contrast with the forest around him giving most visitors a momentary pause. 'Again, I welcome you. Please do not be shy and comment on anything you wish' –yet another bow— 'for it is sorely needed and much appreciated. I have never had a weak heart so please, if severe criticism is needed to make any piece of literature in my library better, do not hesitate to speak up. Thank you.' With another bow the green robed elf turns and walks back into the relative safety of the shadows to wait and greet his next guest. Suddenly the ground beneath your feet begins to move. Not in the shaking sensation of an earthquake, but in the sense that the walls of the world were moving around you. Swearing to yourself darkness momentarily takes you. When you finally open your eyes and look around, you realize that you are in the same part of the forest you were in earlier, except for one small change, the elf is missing. In his place stands a striking similar figure except he wears more modern day clothing and his rounded ears and eyes let you know of his human heritage. His blonde hair rustles in the slightly blowing breeze while his blue eyes survey your every move. His face is livid with emotion, unlike the elf, and as he moves closer to you, he extends his hand to help you regain your footing on such uneven terrain. 'Welcome, again, I guess,' a small laugh accompanies his confusing joke. 'Like my alter ego said earlier, please comment on everything you see. My name should be obvious' –suddenly strikes a daring pose—'Slaughter, John-Wesley Slaughter.' Sulks off muttering about how the 'Bond, James Bond' thing never seems to work for his name.

A Minotaur's First Battle

The first story of many dealing with mother nature and her destructive self (see Fantasy--Beginning for more information) It wasn't very well edited and is more of a rough draft then a final copy but I enjoyed writing it and thought some input would be nice.

Rogue Warriors

This is a story about a Special Forces Team in the 28th century. I've never written Sci-fi before but I think this turned out rather well (for a first Chapter at least). In the future chapters there will be more action and less talking but every story needs a backbone. I don't read a lot of Sci-fi novels and I promise that everything is 100% my imagination but if you do see anything that might be borderline or see something that is blatant copyright please let me know. Please comment!

Cold Heart

I originally wrote this story in the modern time but adapted it for Elfwood. I’m not overly impressed with the adapted story but since the original wasn't accepted I will stick with this one. Can you see the original? Of course you can. Just follow the link. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Fantasy-The Beginning

To put it shortly, this is what and where all of my fantasy stories take place. My own world, so to speak, and I hope you enjoy.