Martha D' Davison

Aight, My Bio. Hi, I'm Martha. Nice to meet you. This is kinda new since I'm on fanquarter now. I have lots of fanart and such so this is an appropriate place. My faves tend to lean towards Cowboy BeBop, Dbz, Sailormoon, Gundamwing, or any of the gundam sagas, same with dragonball sagas, Outlaw Star (which you wont see much of here) Zoids which i'm just getting into, Big O, aaannnddd... I guess that's all the ones i've seen. I'm interrested in any anime pretty much. I have a newsletter for every time I make a new picture, You can be among the first to see my new art. Just send me a short email with your name (nicknames apply too) and some information on what you like to do. The email must have the subject: New art newsletter updates. That's all for now. Oh yeah, I'm in love, I'm taken, so dont even think about it. I love comments too... so dont hesitate!