Joy Dalton

Well, time for an update. Besides, I'm bored! I finally graduated high school, and am now a freshman at Radford University. Or at least, my human side is! My gryffon side, on the other hand, is battling the forces of evil and trying to keep her sanity in one piece....or something like that. Oh, just nevermind, the stories are below.

The Fantasy Alphabet

I know, not a real original title. This is a real quick one, and some of the rhymes may be forced....I'll be glad to take suggestions if you come up with something better (yes, you will get credit).

It Won't Be Dull (II)

The second part to the story, since it was so greatly requested.

It Won't Be Dull

This story started as a way to keep a friend and me from falling asleep in accounting. I never finished it in that class. It probably would have rotted away in a notebook somewhere if I had not needed a distraction for a couple of girls I was sitting for. It was an instant hit.

Healer's Mantra

I wrote this for a friend's RPG character. Hope you like it Elynna!

Old Warrior

I wrote this as kind of a Valentine's Day gift for my father. He really didn't get the gryffon part, but he liked it anyways.