Joy Hudspeth

I'm Joy Dawn (I wasn't named after dishsoap either). I live in a small town and it drives me to crazy. I'm 17 yrs old and go to a tinny tinny highschool. I draw because I love it and I can, and most the people where I live cant, HA on them! I play videogames, mainly RPGs and Halo and such (of course Final Fantasies are the best). I listen to any music that I accidently find in the trash. I read, that also makes me special in this little crazy town of mine. JRRTolkein is the best.  I watch cartoons the most though, and I'v gotten my friends addicted. Full Metal Alchemist rocks, almost anything Funimation too and Studio Ghibli, Invader Zim is the best (Gurs my role model), and all that stuff on Cartoon Network, Nick, and Disney. So, I'm good today. How are you?