Josephine Rosén

Wooey, I'm updating this palce.... Scary, huh? Admit you thought I've forgotten all 'bout it.... Well, short presentation... Um... Nineteen year old female person lacking immediate goals for the moment (excluding 'get hands on wacom tablet'), mostly enjoying sagging around at home writing, drawing, computing, gaming or just, like, uh, day dreaming. Am a cumpulsive world builder, and have a thousand and four ideas, at least, for stories, realms, worlds, plot twists, critters or characters. But, have far too many ongoing projects and too little free time. Why can't anyone invent 30 hour days? Or a pill that makes you rested without sleep? Bother n' bother... Likes fantasy as well as other fantastic thingies... The house gods are Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Dragonlance (I'll swallow anything dragonlancy without hesitation) as well as various literary and cinematic villains and allaround bad-guys. Nuff babbled. Take a peek at what's here... Should be updating 'Lost Paradise' soon (the old episodes). I'll perhaps put up the following episodes, if we're lucky. And with even more luck, we'll even see other new stuff here. Hurray! (Keep on dreamin' kiddos)

Insanity in chains

A short fantasy story about a small band of classical adventurers... Who travel to meet an old friend, but get dragged into the crime infested underworld... (Lousy description)


The arch mage Rahna hears about a strange dragon harassing a small village. When she meets the dragon he claims to be cursed, but are there things as curses?

Dragon Mind

Even if you don't believe, I do write poetry too. This is a fantasy inspired poem about my favourite subject; dragons.

Three crossways

Just a short intermezzo at the tavern Three crossroads, visited by many strange and weird customers...

Mirrors - Prologue

The first part(the prologue if you haven't already guessed) of a very long story(it was supposed to be a book, we'll just have to see). The police Lindsay Simmons gets dragged in through a mystic mirror under an ordinary day at work. On the other side she meets the strange Zack and the first thing he does is to save her from being captured by the Falks. She have no idea who she can trust or where she is...

Creatures of life and death

A short (yes) text (supposedly) written by a biologist while following a very, very interesting creature...

Mirrors Ch 1

The second part of Mirrors. A police from New York gets dragged through a mirror and ends up in the middle of a lot of politics in a new world; Mooretec

Doors of Gods I

On the planet of Mooretec a group of scientists have got quite fascinated by Earth mythologies and from that a virtual reality game and a number of genetically enginered monsters have risen. If you become master of the VR Mythologica you get a chance to travel to the World, where the living monsters can be found...

Platinum, part I

In a small vilalge a very special girl is born. To the elder among the dragons she is known as Platinum. Her fate is to become the greatest dragon slayer ever...

Lost Paradise I

The first part of a long series of stories about the happenings of a small group of dragons in a cruel, futuristic world were they might encounter almost everything. The first part we're we meet FlyFoot and her firends for the first time and even meet the dreaded Brotherhood.

Lost Paradise V

We take up the thread were it left in part IV. Fly has fled from the modified SpikedRidge and when she returns to their camp an unpleasant thing occurs and things take a different turn...

Lost Paradise IV

Starts were part III left, Fly is hunted by a modified and tries to get back to her gang. Struggle, new friends and everything else known in thecity of Lost Paradise.

Lost Paradise II

The second part in the series of Lost Paradise and it continues were we left the Vultures and now we follow them on an Offering and see how they meet a strange fellow...

Lost Paradise III

The third story about the wild dragons of an old megalopolis... Here Fly gets lost in the inner parts of the city and meets a new fraction of dragons, unknown to her gang...