Hullo. My name is Jenny. By the time this goes through, I'll have just recently turned 23; just finished my fifth year of college (owie), having transferred to Indiana University's Informatics program from my home in Orange County, CA. When I'm not in class or procrastinating doing work for class, I sometimes find time to draw. My art is fairly simplistic and cartoony; my skills are still struggling towards development. Since I don't want to risk my GPA with an art class, I basically can do nothing but practice on my own and hope that I'm going in the right direction. There are lineart versions of some of my Elfwood pics available for you to print out and color if you so choose -- you can find them here. I don't do requests, per se, but I do consider them. If that makes sense. I'd consider commissions as well, except keep in mind that I'm insanely lazy. Three new pictures, four newer ones, and two much newer ones. And now I think I won't be updating anymore for a little bit. (Bio last updated 5/23/2004)