Welcome to my shelf in Wyvern's Library!My bio is on my SF&F Art gallery.Here you will find stories related to my Digital Paintings (Finished and unfinished).I created this share more information related to the backgrounds and storylines that I use in the creation of my visual art, Hopefully you will find my stories informative or al least a little entertaining.

Lamurian Temple Of Transformation

It has been said that ancient Atlantian and Lamurian peoples worshiped creatures that where combinations of human and animal. Further supposition has stated that not only did they worship such creatures but that theses creatures actually existed and that the ancients possessed the knowledge to transform humans into them.

The Origin of Flint Ebenhoof

Unlike my most other characters I use in my paintings, Flint was not born in the form that now holds, but rather was cast into being by the intervention for supernatural forces. This is his beginning: