Jocelyn Schielke

Once upon a 2006, there was a girl named Jocelyn.  This girl lived in Canada, though she defied expectations by living in a basement suite rather than an igloo.  The girl loved to draw and write and would do so whenever she got a chance.  One day, she set out on a quest - a quest to imporve her artisitic skills.  Along with her, she took her dear friends pencil, his brother mechanical pencil, Photoshop and OpenCanvas. The motley group travelled far and wide and had many adventures.  Along the way, two others joined their group - scanner and tablet.  The girl's quest continues to this day, as she and her team learn to work together to overcome obstacles and defeat challenges such as drawing hands, and artist's block.  Occasionally, the girl tried her hand at fanart, for she was an obsessive fan of many things, and found it to be a constructive way to learn.  As well, as she once said to pencil, "It's fun."  Here you can find a visual record of the girl's fanart endeavors. For a more detailed account of the girl's adventures, visit: