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OK...this explanantion is going to be a bit long. Just to warn you. Here is the first of what looks to be many a strange and screwed up Hellsing fanart. There's a story behind it, which I shall now tell: Basically, a month or so ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about anime and characters in said animes. At one point, I said something to the effect that I loved a character so much I wanted to have his anime babies. I was joking - I like to say stupid things like that for some reason. However, my friend latched onto the idea with all the tenacity of a stubborn bulldog, and has proceeded to accuse me of wanting to have many character's anime babies - Vash, Spike, Inu Yasha...the list goes on. However our recent introduction to Hellsing has caused her to come up with the funniest, most screwed up combination - Me and Alucard (or Arucard, if you prefer). Why is this funny? Well, Alucard is a scary vampire, all into the killing and the blood. I on the other hand am about as frightening as a rampaging kitten that has been declawed. Any harm I inflict is purely accidental, and if I try to inflict pain, I always end up hurting myself. We're talking about someone who once hurt herself on a tent wall - it's ridiculous really. So Alucard and I represent the most screwed up, mismatched couple ever. And our kid? I can just see him: 'Mommy I want to hurt things but I can't'. It's tragic really. Plus of course Alucard would really be rather embarrassed of having a cute little son who occasionally likes hugs and cuddles. :D So from this idea, several pictures,and other general weirdness has grown. Alucard (who we refer to as Al) is now my imaginary anime husband. And we have a kid, Al Jr. It's messed up...but funny. I mean...putting a tough, scary vampire into a normal domestic situation is bound to create hilarity. So here is the first picture involving my life with Al. As you can see, I surprised Al just as he was about to drink straight from the medical bag. Which is totally uncouth and will not be allowed in my house, even if you are a blood sucking creature of the night. Poor Al. Always getting whipped by a blonde woman. ;) So yeah..the girl is supposed to be me. I don't think it looks much like me, but my friend claims it's passable so whatever. I really like how this came out actually - Al's expression kills me! Anyway...just as an addtitional note - I didn't do this with fangirl intentions, nor is it meant to be fangirl-ish. I did it because I find it funny, and I hope you will too! I've got at least three others done, and a list full of other ideas to draw, so there will be more. And if anyone else has any funny ideas, send 'em my way! Anyway...enough from me! Alucard copyright Kohta Hirano. Life with Al copyright me.

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