Life With Al - My Valentine

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Jocelyn Schielke

So least favorite holiday approaches, and rather than allowing me to wallow in my self pity, my muse (or, more appropriately, my twisted, twisted brain) decided to inspire me with another 'Life with Al' holiday picture. So...once again, I present another peek into my life with Alucard, master vampire. In all honesty, I really didn't expect to Al to do anything to celebrate Valentine's Day - in fact, the most I usually get is a rant about how the Master of Darkness does not associate with anything that involves chocolate, flowers, and worst of all, the color pink. However, this year he seemed to get it in his head that he should do something for me. Which is...sweet, really. However, it did leave a little to be desired from my perspective. Al: Happy Valentine's Day, Cow. Me: Al...I'm not even remotely cow-like. But...did you get me something for Valentine's Day? Oh, Al, that's so...are these flowers dead? Al: Yep. Nice touch, huh? Me: Well...ummm...couldn't you get live ones? Al: Are you kidding me? Do you know how expensive flowers are right now? I got these for free. Plus live ones are disgustingly alive looking... Me: And what the HELL is that? Al: A heart, of course. It is Valentine's Day... Me: Is it a ~real~ heart? Al: Of course it is!! Me: Oh... Al: It means 'I love you'. Me: I think...I'm gonna be sick. Al: What? Me: Al: I HATE YOU!! YOU NEVER APPRECIATE ANYTHING THAT I DO! Well...he gets points for trying, I guess. You think he'd understand that I don't necessarily like the same things he does, though. You know what I like most about this picture? The fact that Alucard is wearing a preppy sweater, glasses in his hair, and FREAKIN' KHAKI CARGO PANTS. I mean...I can handle being married to a vampire, but a preppy boy? I dunno about that... ;) Al: I just want everyone to know that I had nothing to do with the choice in clothing. Me: Whatever, Al. You love it. Al: I DO NOT. And...did you write hugs and kisses? I don't give anyone hugs and kisses, Jocelyn... Me: Don't lie, Al. You like to cuddle. It makes you feel wanted. Al: I AM NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN. Me: Ohhh...using the scary shall I keep from shaking in fear? Al: I hate you. Me: Happy Valentine's, Dear! Anyway, horribly long explanation, yet again. Sorry. Disclaimer: Like all “Life With Al” art, this is done with a humorous intent, NOT to be fangirlish. Confused about the “Life with Al” concept? Please visit here for full details. Alucard copyright Kohta Hirano. Life with Al copyright me.

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