Jennie Seay

Hey, you kids - get off my lawn! I feel like such an old fogey. I've had an Elfwood gallery since early '99. Yup . . . I remember back when Elfwood hit 200 galleries and it was huge. I didn't think anybody would find me. We didn't have this newfangled 'fanquarter' thing, or fancy schmancy 'tours'. The Zone didn't get any traffic, but we liked it that way. If you wanted artwork, you found it yourself. If you wanted to upload a picture, you had to turn a crank on the side of your computer to force it through the phone line . . . . Yeah, those were the good old days. ;-) Quicky bio: I live in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I work with nautical charts. I'm usually busy with some project. I'm often cranky. I roleplay. Projects: Oh boy do I love starting projects. - Links Directory: This is an organized collection of links to art related websites.  Artists can add their website or Elfwood gallery, but there are also links to tutorials, reference sites, books and more.  Anyone is welcome to visit and submit their favorite links. - Portrait Adoption:  This is a branch of Ellen Million Graphics.  Portrait Adoption is a collection of work by talented artists that are finished and ready to be 'adopted'.  It is sort of an alternative to a traditional commission. - NorthCo Artists: If you're an artist in the Fort Collins/Greeley/Loveland area who likes to draw 'fantastic' work (fantasy, sci-fi, anthro) and you're serious about improving your skills, shoot me an email.  I'm attempting to get a group together to meet every couple of weeks and possibly go on field trips to local conventions and stuff. More artwork: If you like what's here, you can find more on my website. If you're looking for a piece that was previously here, it's probably on my website. I am working on a section of drawing tips, which you can find here. Requests and comissions: I do not accept requests for free artwork. I do not accept commissions. I do offer character portraits on Portrait Adoption, so check there if you are interested in purchasing artwork. Using my artwork: I am generally fine with people who want to print out a piece for a roleplaying illustration or use as wallpaper. No problem. Glad you like it. However, if you want to post it on your webpage, alter a drawing in some way (graphics, color it, crop it) or use it for some commercial purpose, please be sure to get my permission before you do anything. About the artwork: I am a self taught artist. I drew a lot of horses in elementary school and moved up to people in junior high. You can find some really old stuff here - but don't say I didn't warn you - it's pretty bad. ;-) I've come a long way, but I still have a lot of work to do as far as my artwork is concerned. The important thing is I'm learning. So go ahead and look through my gallery and if you aren't terribly impressed, check back. I have plenty of room to grow and plenty of imagination to use. Comments: I like constructive compliments as well as constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that the pieces here are beyond the 'fixing' stage, but I gladly accept suggestions for the future. Thanks: As always, thanks to my fellow Elfwood artists for allowing me to wander through their galleries and view such a staggering array of styles, medias, and techniques. Pieces with nudity (avoid or visit first as you prefer): Mermaid and the Sailor 2/28/04 - Sorry the gallery is so old, but I'm not letting myself update it until I finish a particularly troublesome piece. My website is updated, but it may be a while until I post new work on my Elfwood gallery. 4/10/04 - Took down a couple and put up a couple of old drawings that I haven't had on Elfwood before. It's a pseudo update.