James Hayward

Greetings, and welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Elfwood! I've been wandering around Elfwood since September 2003, generally being picky about people's stories. When my exams finally ended, I started writing. So who am I? The name is above, but I haven't got a pic up yet, so just use your imagination. I'm a Chemistry student at Cardiff University, and I enjoy reading, swimming, racquet sports, most types of music and small furry critturs. I don't like TV, but that's my only real dislike. Writing occupes its own little transcendant level. Thanks for dropping by! Links; D Joelle Duran A lovely person, with lovely art, poetry and stories. She is the creator of T'Dol and the Hyarmi, and all of her stuff is based on one incredible world. Go check it out! Chris Jackson He's been published twice now, and it really shows! It's all great, but especially read 'Warmonger' and 'Weapon of Flesh'. Ben Cameron Wonderful ongoing series, 'Of Humans and Elves', as well as a great selection of one-off stories. Dabbles in poetry too; Check out 'Defence of Melchior'! Inger Marie Hognestad Go see this little place, and be sure to look at... well, everything.

Quest for Absolution 04

In which there is much death and destruction, as well as burning! Read on...

Quest for Absolution 00

This is my first attempt at serious writing, currently on its third version. Thanks to all who helped fix the previous ones! It is set 250 years before the rest of the book. Even though I've edited it twice now, don't hesitate to tell me if you spot anything wrong.

The Hephaistos Heresy

This is my contribution to Jim Bowers' Project 7.5. I chose to do Project 5; Deities of Mythology. Hephaistos was the Greek god of the Forge and Fire. He was cast from Olympus by his father, Zeus, for siding with his mother in a rebellion. Enjoy!

Quest for Absolution 03

In direct contrast to Ch2, this seemed to write itself. Equally, in contrast, it was full of mistakes. It has now been edited severely, so hopefully it's up to standard now. Thanks to all the people who edited the first version!

Quest for Absolution 05

My, but this has been a long time coming. Here we have the aftermath of the destruction. Hope you enjoy!

Quest for Absolution 01

On to the main story! Forlar is an ex-general, a hero of a recent war, and a channeler. Solan is his arrogant son. Once again, be as critical as humanly (or inhumanly) possible. This is also an edited work, so thanks to all who helped!

Quest for Absolution 02

The next installment, complete with new characters and SFX. This took me ages to write, and has since been edited. Cheers to all who helped edit the first version, and pre-emptive cheers to all who find mistakes in the future!