SGT Winters in the "Clairvouyant"

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Cauldron of Creation - "Empire Adrift" (book 1) Panel 1 Story Text They'd been on a severed leash for months now.  The captain had mentioned something about "drifting" being a new fascination among those choosing The Empire's path of conquest throughout the universe.  She didn't quiet understand what that was supposed to mean.  For as far back as she could remember the Nomad Earth Empire had adhered to a strict code of space travel.  Systematically eliminating the other cultures who posed a threat to The Empire's safety, they would confiscate all the resources of their worlds before taking back to space to continue what seemed to be a never ending quest for galactic domination.  This new "drifting" strategy the Captain had not cared to elaborate on struck Sergent Winters as a disturbing change of protocol.  She hated changes.  Things should stay the way they've always been with thorough, well thought out rules and procedures to ensure that a soldier like herself always knew what her mission was and exactly how to complete it.  Questions were dangerous.  Well these kinds were.  And she found herself asking questions in abundance.  She kept her questions to herself of course.  It wouldn't do for her soldiers to make note of her uncertainty.  What was it about this new destination looming before her in the porthole window that made her skin crawl so?  Just yesterday she would have traded an entire quarter's pay for a fight.  Anything to rid herself of the lethargy that had settled like a fog over the crew during the past month.  The not knowing made her feel like a child again.  An unfamiliar feeling indeed, insecure?  She was rotting on this ship.  Sergent Winters had never been insecure. "Let's get this damned heap on the ground already!" The others turned at her outburst but she didn't notice.  She was lost in her thoughts again. _________________________________________________ "Cauldron of Creation" and "Empire Adrift" are works of fiction created by and copyrighted to Jason Dement. This will be an ongoing progression of "panels" from my graphic novel which I will share with you in this format.  Although not seen here in its entirety, the story is solid and while subject to future changes, depicts closely what I want to portray in my graphic novel. Comments and favorites are very welcome if you enjoy it!

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