Midiuth's Children

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Short Version:The current set of drow that I will be doing a whole series on are "The Nach'Ilythiir" or Nachoma Dermu Ilythiir loosly translated from the drow language (Nach slang version) means the "pale skinned" or "white skinned drow". Also called "Nach" (The white ones) for short by normal drow.This picture above shows: 1) Midiuth the drow necromancer at around 119 years old, a young age, holding a staff. Midiuth is currently to date beyond 600 years old and is contemplating lichdom. His staff , later on in his career as patriarch of House Scorn, secret offshoot of house Vrasl , is transformed into "The Spider Sticker". In other words, if a Lolth worshipping drow or any creature worshipping Lolth is peirced by its sharp point (not seen in picture) there soul is trapped in the crystal centered in the staff. The soul is then deprived of its afterlife and contributes to the staff's power. The staff can detect a Lolth worshipper near it usually causing the crystal to glow brighter.2) His drow apprentice at the time, right, magically verifying the augmentations of the newborn.3) Baellikti, First born Nach'Ilythiir female laying on bed having just given birth. Later Baellikti betrays Midiuth and unveils her adoration and allegiance to Lolth.4) Jaxxti, second born Nach female standing with pike like weapon.5) Lista the child, third born Nach serving the apprentice. 6) The newborn is the first Male Nach child who later grows to become the "Tol Nach'Ilythiir" Which in the Nach slang means ruler of Nach or governing one.More Detail about this pic for drow fans:Purpose of existance:The NachIlythiir (Nach pronounced Nosh) are a race of drow created and ruled by normal drow to augment the the power of House Vrasl ruled by Matron Harthel Vras in Undrek'Thoz and then later to secretly augment the Vhaeraunite worshipping houses. Originally created by the necromancer Midiuth seen in the above peice, one of the sons of Matron Vrasl and a lord of necromancy, for their ability to control their skin color and body temperature making them good spies and infiltrators for the Lolth worshipping House Vrasl he pretends to serve. The Nach can cool their skin so as to be invisible to heat vision and can will their skin color to become any shade of white to coal black making them look as a normal drow. The ability to become pale makes them look much like a surface elf and allows infiltration of the surface realm.The Lolth houses eventually ruled the Nach as abominations to be destroyed, mostly out of fear of the unbalancing power it would provide House Vrasl. So, the Nach went into hiding in the "Living City".For the past half century:Secretly, Midiuth breeds the Nach in the "Living City" hidden North of the large drow segmented city of Undrek'Thoz under the edict of Vhaeraun himself. The Nach are also refered to as "the children of Midiuth". By Lolth worshipping drow who don't really acknowledge their existance, they are just called "the abominations of Midiuth" This picture above is of the early days of the Vhaeraunite worshipping "House Scorn" created by Midiuth under the nose of Matron Vrasl. House Scorn is the ruling House of the living city and is ruled by Midiuth as well as the collaboration of other Vhaeraunite organizations. The Living city is fast becoming the nexus of all the Vhaeraunite organizations within the area.The creature that permeates every corner of the Living City, hence the Living City, is also an active sentient player in breeding the "Nach" and furthering the Vhaeraunite aims as it sees great future profits from success and rewards of power promised by the god himself for working with and protecting the Vhaeraunites.The tendrils of the creature can be seen crawling up the pillars in the picture above. Those tendrils run throughout the city. coming in range of any tendril makes you accessible to the creature's will. This creature uses its power to protect the Vhaeraunite drow by veiling them from the minds of enemies that draw near to any part of the creature or its tendrils. It also gathers wandering creatures as food and slaves for the city under its will. Midiuth and the Vhaeraunite senate often "join" with the creature for special purposes of knowledge gathering and sharing.Vhaeraun sees the success of this new society as a major weapon in his war with his mother.

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