Welcome to my gallery. I'm Judith, short Jude, from Augsburg, Germany. I'm not on Elfwood as much as I used to be, partially due to my new job, partially due to real life issues, but I still love my little corner of the woods as well as all the awesome artists I was allowed to meet and befriend here. You've got some spare time? Go, visit their galleries, you won't be disappointed. Jessica 'Vestaka' Douglas Sam 'Zephyri' Hogg Rosalie Meli 'Suiren' Tam Elizabeth Ryan,aka:Darth Lizzu Michelle S. Dietz Suzan Geldhoff Megan H. Davies (WolfDog) I'm trying to keep this gallery up to date as good as possible. Though I'm severly lagging behind with answering comments and updating the images. Most of my newer work can be found in my DeviantArt gallery: InsaneJudge I also have a print account there in case you are interested. Though there are only few prints available as of now. For commissions email me to get further informations. I'm NOT doing free requests as I have a lot of stuff on my desk anyway and if I said yes to you, I would have to say yes to everyone who comes. So I'll simply stick to a general 'no' thank you. All and any characters shown in this gallery belong to me or dear friends of mine. They are not available for use in rp, nor are the images available for use or reproduction without my written permission.