Julia Hoekstra

nbsp;         My name is Julia.  I am an American and the middle of five children.  My hobbies are playing the piano, writing, reading, drawing, RPing, convincing people I'm schizophrenic, and otherwise encouraging mild insanity.  I post on the ADND.com (www.adnd.com) message board and help manage their in-character IRC chatroom, but I have no plans to take over the world.  Running it afterward would be too much of a hassle.   ;¬)           Lately I've begun collecting acronyms.  I'm an AGPO, SME, SWF, CC, VST, and often TDY to name a few.  (And if anyone gets the first one without knowing me IRL I'll give you a cookie.) -Julia C. Hoekstra

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c3-4)


A very short story about a relatively forgotten event in D&D. Usually it happens during character creation, before play. Maybe it shouldn't?

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c1-2)

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c5-6)