Hello Hello!!! I'm Julie!!! Mice day to everybody!!!!! (No no this is not a typing error! But actually I make a whole bunch of them :0 What I am : First of all, a girl ;), I am very very shy, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, gentle, sad, weird, happy, hungry, imaginative, hyperactive,naive, friendly!!! and I don't bite -usually ;)- I love : books (to much I love to name some), art, Elfwood ( Thanks to Thomas Abrahamsson and all the nice people who helps him!!) music (Classical, Opera, Anime, Power Metal, Folk music...) nature and I fear / hate Death, spiders and sometimes our society, mean people. Hope you'll enjoy my work! Leave a comment, drop me a mail, I just love those :) There is so much talented people here, in Elfwood, that it's difficult to recommend some, but I'll try... David He is very very talented!! You must visit his gallery. If you don't, you'll regret it!!! Magnus Great gallery!!! and another artist you must visit!!! Risto Humorous drawings and nice angels plus he such a nice and sweet person!! Oh! and if you can, you should listen his songs!! They are wonderfull!! Rob If you love dragons, go visit him NOW!! Cristhian He has a great gallery and some expressive / funny pictures. Aimee :Funny artwork, lot of talent. update January 2003 : new pictures and a lot of deleting... Hope you'll enjoy!!! Most of the pictures here are somehow old and I think I've improved since that time... Well... and I know I still have a lot to improve. So if you can help me by giving advices, I'll be grateful. And if you can't, well too bad :) *lol* There is a rule here : if you leave me a comment, I'll answer and I'll probably visit your gallery (if I don't forget to do so because I have a very bad memory!! ;) )