And dance with the devil!!!

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Julie Lebeau

Well… this is a legend of my country, but I’m afraid it’s very badly written by myself. I’ve got so much trouble with those verbs 0_o Old Latulipe had a lovely young daughter, Rose. She was the most beautiful girl of their village. All the young men loved her and her father couldn’t resist to her requests. Rose loved to dance and to make some celebrations… It was March the 3rd and she wanted to make a little celebration, but her father couldn’t accept this because, the next day, Lent was beginning. But she kept on asking him and finally he had allowed her to organise one… BUT at midnight, all the music and the dancing should stop. Rose was so happy. It is the night of the celebration. Everybody is enjoying himself. Outdoor, the wind is howling and the snow is falling. Suddenly… a knock on the door. A handsome young man all dress in black enters. The villagers welcome him and tell him to stay for a while with them ‘cause the night is icy and the music warms up. The stranger agrees with them and welcomes their invitation with a large smile. His beauty captivates everyone and so no one has been able to detect that there is something strange with him… Even if it snows outdoor, the young man isn’t covered with snow… Not a single snowflake on him. It is almost midnight now. The young man asks Rose to dance with him. She takes his hand and goes with him on the “dance floor”. “He dances so well” thinks Rose. “ I’d like this moment to last for all my life…” The bell rings for a first time… Midnight is almost here. Rose knows that she should stop dancing, but she’s so well with this stranger!! And the bell rings for a second time… and a third… and a forth… A strange smell is in the air … and a fifth… and a sixth… It smells like … and a seventh… and an eight… It smells like sulphur! ...and a ninth… and a tenth. The young man holds Rose tightly… and a eleventh… And kisses her… and a twelfth. And then, all the lights go out. A scream in the dark and then the slam of a door. The villagers look outside. Nothing special there except, a track where there is no snow anymore, everything is melt. The lights come on again. Rose is in the corner of the room. She is trying to hide her face but everybody is able to see that there is something strange with her. Her hair is completely grey… she looks like a 100 years old women… and her lips are all burned…

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