Johannes Ganneby

Hello there! My name is Johannes, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Sweden. I started using Elfwood in 2008 and usually only uploaded dragons. These days I'm mostly interested in earth sciences and nature, but tend to go back to my old fantasy interest from time to time. For the past year I've been learning blacksmithing at Bäckedals Folkhögskola in Sveg Sweden and let my aesthetic sida evolve a bit. Lately I became very interested in Bronze casting and Silversmithing. Here is some of my other work: Love to hear from old friends and new ones! //Johannes  I like Books, computer games, smithing and drawing Dragons and other fantasy creatures. Favourite movies Various movies Favourite books My favorites authors in the fantasy genre are Nick Perumov, Lian Hearn and Eoin Colfer. Favourite music Everything except rap.