Gyula Pozsgay

I'm a computer game designer. I like painting, hiking and taking photos. I was one and a half years old when I drawed my first recognizable picture, a car (8x5cm, pen on checked paper :o)). From this moment painting and drawing are my hobbies. My grandfather -who was a great artist- started to teach me earlier than I can remember. I studied architecture, I'm interested in natural science too. I'm a self-educated 'artist', I do painting in my spare time. Unfortunately I can do only one or two pictures pro year, even I paint fast. So if you want to see more of my fantasy pictures, you have to be patient. I have only 5 pictures on canvas and some old picures on paper... :o( My technic is easy. If I got the inspiration (and have time enough), I start first with a very sematic pencil sketch on paper. It is usually so sematic, nobody can see what it is. Then I get a canvas and draw the picture on it. I use some reference if needed. I paint the main lines with a dark color on the canvas, before I start the toning. I begin with the background then I come closer and closer. To have enough motivation I allways leave the most interesting things last. I hope you will enjoy my gallery! Favourite books LotR