Emily Brown25EnglandI’ve always been drawing, since as long as I can remember. I was born with a very vivid imagination, so drawing what was in my mind came naturally. As I grew older, I discovered that you could illustrate for a living and I knew that was the path for me.I have recently got a Diploma in Art and Design and am currently studying for a Degree in Illustration at Northbrook College.I was born in Kevflavik, Iceland, then moved to Wyoming, USA and finally came to England, where I’ve lived most of my life.My biggest inspiration is life. There is such a variety of inspiration throughout the world and history. Although there are some terrible hardships, I do believe life is a beautiful gift!There are so many artists I love. One of my favourites though is Junko Mizuno. Whenever I look at her art I get a surge of inspiration. I also love Josephine Wall, Rossetti, Mucha, Peter Max, Rumiko Takahashi and Audrey Kawasaki. I’m also very inspired by vintage manga from the 60’s and 70’s.I also enjoy dressmaking, playing the piano, reading, baking and computer games. I collect Asian ball-jointed dolls and I love customizing them. My religion is also important and means the world to me.My Favourite:-Magazine: Imagine FX, Awake!Art equipment: 2B mechanical pencil.Music: Aqua, Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Muse and most classical music.Book: Unwind by Neal ShustermanManga: 7 Seeds by Tamura YumiMovie; Disney's Hunchback of Notre DameAnime: Bobobo, Pokemon I like Drawing, reading, dressmaking, religion, computer games. Favourite movies Anything Disney! I love Star Wars too, and almost anything animated! Favourite books Fairy Tales, Unwind, Wither. Favourite music Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Aqua, Muse.