K. Jurikova Kotulak

Greetings and welcome! My name is K. M. Kotulak, eccentric hermit, gypsy, artist, writer, and craftsperson.   I know, its been forever since I've updated this gallery, but your love has kept it alive while I was gone, and now I return with new stories and wonders to share.  Presently I've been working on my Cabinet of Curiosities- A collection of artifacts and creatures trolled up from the depths of my dreams.   Please visit Hibernacula and consider adopting one of these dreamspawn as your very own.    They make enchanting jewelry and obedient pets.   For those of you wondering what happened to Withershins, its dropped back into the dark again, but I'm pleased to announce it is in its final revision and may soon resurface- I continue to work towards making it real.