Justin Panlasigui

I've been drawing since the age of three, where most of my skecthes involved Ninja Turtles or GI Joe. Now I'm older and my artistic abilities have prompted me to try and make a name for myself. I figure with all the hits this place gets in one day, it wouldn't be a bad idea to post my own artwork up and see if the 'right people' happen to wander in and look at it. Currently, my sketches are of wide range in subject matter. Fantasy-based skecthes involve faeries, pixies, elves, and various Tolkien-related subjects. One very common influence in my sketches is religion--I involve archangels or saints in a lot of my work. Nearly all of my paintings are of the Catholic influence--most are sketches on paper that I decided to make into canvases. So basically, if you were to ask me what my goal is, I'd say 'To make a career out of these pieces!' So if anybody can give me help or info, my email is and my ears are always open to criticism! I hope you all enjoy my artwork and I hope my name eventually develops into an artistically-renowned symbol!