My name is Juvela Obi. I write poetry and fanfiction, and I've started a few original stories that I'll probably never finish. I also draw a little, but my skills are rather...focused, I guess. I do mostly equines (horses and horse-based creatures such as unicorns and pegasi) and dragons. I do a few weapons now and again, but not that often. I am a science geek (NOT a nerd) so I have a tendancy to over-think any sci-fi story I read or write. I take constructive criticism rather well, but I do not appreciate people who leave comments insulting me or my work. If you don't like it, fine. But please don't show undue disrespect.ANNOUNCEMENT (9/9/11): Working on a story, involving a number of mixed-breed characters, including but not limited to hippodrakes, anthros, morphers, plant-people, and elemental-spawn. Unfortunately, I've hit a number of rough patches involving descriptions and visualizations--I have next to no clue how most of these people/creatures should to look. SO, if anyone has any free time on their hands, and would like a challenge, I'm looking for people to help with illustrations and such. Or at least, opinions and suggestions y'all might have. I can't pay you or anything, but I can throw a link to your page up on every publishing site I'm registered on . *Puppy eyes* Pweez? Anybody?Art ID: juvelaobi-art     Library ID: juvelaobiMy favorite author is Tamora Pierce. My favorite book series is a tie between every Tortall-set series I've read, and the first five books of Maximum Ride. My favorite TV show is Avatar: The Last Airbender. My absolute least favorite movie is The Last Airbender. I will never forgive M. Night for ruining my favorite show. Ever. Favourite music Rock, Metal, Christian, Country, Pop, Techno, Oldies, Disney soundtracks, Classical... I'll listen to any song once; whether or not I listen to it again depends entirely on the song. The only exceptions are Rap and Disco. Disco died for a reason, and Rap is just talking with a beat.


Have you ever read a story, and became so immersed in the events--the experiences--within that story, that you totally checked out of your life? You don't notice your surroundings, you forget who you are, and you just become so involved with the story, it's like you've taken on the persona of the main character. You may even find your self silently (or not so silently) advising that character.I do that all the time. And I swear, sometimes the character responds to me. Not directly, but just enough that I notice. I'll be sitting there, virtually screaming that something is a trap, and then "MC suddenly stops. 'I don't know why, but this just feels like a trap to me...' she says." Or I won't notice anything immediately, but I'll re-read it later, and find that the story has changed slightly. Am I the only one?No, I don't think so. I think some of us are just special that way; we have some sort of magical power or gift that allows us to travel through time and back, from world to world, and mind to mind. We live purely to guide the beings that aren't even aware of our existense, and yet they depend on us to continue their existence.

A Weapon of Legend

Ahhh, the vast amounts of inspiration one gets when reading about the weapons of legend in the Dungeons & Dragons DMG! I'm not sure if this counts as fanfiction, seeing as it fits the rules set for designing a custom weapon of legend for the game, but could still totally work all on its own...

Pheonix Lock

I had this dream a while ago... It involved a place called Haven, surrounded by an empathic force shield. Kids who are hunted for possessing a misunderstood form of magic can get through because they meet the emotional requirements, average people who don't meet the requirements effectively hit an invisible and impassible wall, and evil men who hunt said children die on contact with the shield.And this is a bardic song I wrote describing it.

Sword Singers

I've noticed that a lot of fantasy stories tend to use the cheap excuse "because it's magic" or "because God can do anything he wants" or even "just because" to justify some of the most bizarre and unexplainable things. How come the wizard's tower walks and talks? Because it's magic. If dragons are evil, why does every high priest become a half-dragon? Because the Lord works in mysterious ways. Why is the planet inside out? Because it just is.I wondered what would happen if you took such a simple type of excuse, blamed everything on something random, and then tried to actually justify how you can blame it on that. I used a set of percentiles (a pair of 10-sided dice with 100 possible outcomes) to find two numbers: a page number in the dictionary, and a word on that page. I did this three times. In this particular case, I got the word "music".Everything in the universe is blamed on music here. Why do the planets orbit the sun? Because of music. Why do people breathe? Because of music. What's the point of swordplay? ...It's got something to do with music. Now, here's how I justify those explanations. And here's how I could use that justification to create an actual story.

Legend of Ebony Weisis

God gets overthrown, humans steal some of his power, monsters are created, and chaos ensues. *Meh* My normal stuff.A prologue or first chapter to a story that I may eventually end up writing. I rarely come out with finished products, but my initial ideas are usually worth reading anyway.

Aod's Diary

Meh. Your general sci-fi, government conspiracy, not-quite-human anti-hero story. Accidentally based off of the novel series Maximum Ride a bit, but I think I made it a lot darker than James Patterson made his series. I didn't intend for it to be a fanfiction, but I can see why it would resemble one. Apologies.I'm not really sure what I'll do with this one. It's a dream-based plot bunny that's been bouncing around my head for a while. I may get around to elaborating it into a full story, or I may make it a prologue for a story. Eventually. Maybe. But probably not.

Loudest in the Silence

"Not all ghosts are independent fragments of spirits that have departed. Some are Imprints, branded onto another life, that continue to haunt the living even after the spirit itself has passed. Pray yours is a positive imprint, for if it is negative, that life shall be tortured for eternity. Independent ghosts can be expelled from their haunts, but an Imprint is a permanent thing."Basically, it's a more fantastic look on severe post-traumatic stress disorder. The person with PTSD is not actually hallucinating, it's a literal haunting, etc. Weird, yes. Something I plan on discussing with my shrink? Not in this lifetime.